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Is a project with European funding from the Erasmus + and is to be lasting for 24 months. The project is between Järfälla Gymnasium and ROC Friese Poort Länk till annan webbplats., Drachten in the Netherlands.

The project will enhance work placement for students in both countries during 3 weeks with home hospitality, one week job shadowing for team leaders (teachers) and 4 days job shadowing for company representatives.

The labor market today is open for students who dare to look outside their own doorstep and if they feel like applying for a job abroad or just widening their horizon this is a great opportunity. Also for the team leaders and for the company representatives this is a great opportunity to know more about education and work placement in another country, to compare and reflect and hopefully be inspired.

The objective is to enable for vocational students to do work placement in the Netherlands, to learn about a new culture, a different kind of work place, to socialize, to grow their own networks and to improve their own language.

In Järfälla surveys have shown that the Trade and Industry lack confidence for education and vice versa so that is also one very important reason for strengthening the links between education and the Trade and Industry.

We will later on also invite key note speakers from the Dutch school to come and disseminate the progress to Swedish colleagues.

Erik Söderlind, Christoffer Johansson, Albin Rydberg,Timmy Rosén, Henrik Sköld

Erik Söderlind, Christoffer Johansson, Albin Rydberg,Timmy Rosén, Henrik Sköld

Second round students who will be going to the Netherlands have now met and planned, Henrik Sköld from EVEPE is also accompanying the trip.

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Mikael Rosengren


Curt Sandgren

Mikael Rosengren

Jan-Ove Förare

Christina Erevindh
Project manager

Erik Söderlind
Project manager

Curt Sandgren

Curt Sandgren